Digital Literacy for Teachers & Online Learners



Digital Literacy for Teachers and Online Learners is a book that covers the six vital areas of total ICT Competency Framework which are: Understanding ICT in Education, Curriculum and Assessment, Pedagogy in Online Instruction, Information Communication Technology, Organization and Administration, and Teacher Professional Learning. Elearning is rapidly growing in the world. This book will help teachers and online learners take advantage of increased flexibility that is brought about by ELearning through a wide range of practical activities with advice to help them practice and develop their digital literacy skills for classroom teaching and learning at any level of Education.

Dr. Mary Ooko is the Director of Kabarak University Online. She is also the co-author of “Christ Empowers Women” published by Herald Publishing House, Missouri USA. She also co-authored “Sunday School Lessons for Children in Africa” published by Herald Publishing House. Dr. Ooko is a holder of Doctor of Education in Didactics of Online Learning/Distance Education, a Master’s and Bachelor’s Degree. Previously, Dr. Ooko was the Director of the Institute of Open and Distance Learning at Africa Nazarene University.


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