Dynamism in Curriculum and Instruction




This book highlights issues in curriculum development, implementation and evaluation in contemporary times. It discusses dynamics of curriculum development and practice, exploring curriculum and instruction facets in ten chapters: Curriculum Leadership, Curriculum Benchmarking, Functional Curriculum, Preparation for Instruction, Learning Processes and Instructional Strategies, Change in Teacher Instructional Practice and Learner Strategies, Classroom Assessment and Evaluation, Teacher Education, School Attachment: A Case of MMUST and The Need for Change in Today’s Classrooms. These are current and critical issues for all those involved in the educative process. The authors present the various chapters in an accessible manner, making the text a vital resource for education. The book provides insightful, interesting and innovative perspectives on curriculum and instruction. It is recommended for students of education; teachers, tutors and lecturers; researchers in education; curriculum supervisors; curriculum developers; quality assurance and standards officers; and education administrators.

This text is unique in its approach; it takes two very intricate aspects of education; curriculum and instruction and handles them in a novel manner. Most especially; the text has ventured into the relationship between the erstwhile less articulated domain of curriculum leadership and its venerable impact on instruction [Peter L. Barasa, Professor of Education].

Ruth Otunga is a Professor of Education (Curriculum Studies). She has delivered an inaugural lecture entitled The Dynamics of Curriculum Relevance in Kenya. She is a co-author of Foundations of Adult Education in Africa by Pearson South Africa and A Handbook for Curriculum and Instruction by Moi University Press. She has published many journal articles, proceedings and book chapters on education, gender and entrepreneurship. She has also served in various administrative positions at university level including: Head of department, Dean, Deputy Principal and Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic and Students’ Affairs).


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