Effectivenss of Preventive Measures to Drug Abuse in Secondary Schools



This book blends theory and its application in its examination of the prevalence and increase in drug abuse in secondary schools in Kenya with specific focus on non urban schools and how school administrators have handled this problem and the successes or otherwise. Written in a simple language, it is a must read for school administrators, counsellors, adolescents, parents, teachers and law enforcers who have the interest of the youth at heart and are keen in eradicating the menace of drug abuse. From the position of educational psychology, the writers give an explanation of the workings of the mind of the youth who are involved in drug abuse and how the understanding of these factors can be employed to stem increasing cases of the vice. They use various theoretical perspectives to explore the options open to schools in the war on drug use which, as they have shown, is the biggest threat to academic performance as well as school discipline.

This book makes an important contribution to an increasingly challenging situation in our schools and homes. It is relevant reading to school administrators, policy makers, researchers and general readership interested in understanding current trends in society [Dr. Busolo Wegesa, School of Arts & Social Sciences, Moi University, Kenya].

Drug abuse is a serious concern in the society. It is on this basis that I recommend this book for all citizens of this country and beyond [Peter Onderi, PhD, Department of Psychology, Maseno University, Kenya].

Grace Atemi Ondieki is a lecturer in Educational Psychology at Kisii University and a Senior Pastor in the Glorious Ministry of Repentance and Holiness. Currently, she is the coordinator of undergraduate studies at the Kericho Campus of Kisii University. Dr. Atemi is a member of the International Society for the Study of Behavioural Development (ISSBD) and the Kenya Guidance Counselling and Psychological Association. She has authored and co-authored articles in international and local journals and attended and made presentations in conferences. Her research interest is Drug Abuse. Dr. Atemi holds a PhD in Educational Psychology from Moi University, M.Ed in Educational Psychology Kenyatta University and a B.Ed from Moi University.

Zacharia Ondieki Mokua is an experienced high school teacher for over 25 years. Currently, he is the Principal of Amabuko Secondary School. Mr Ondieki is a PhD candidate in Counselling Psychology at the Catholic University of Eastern Africa. He holds a Masters degree in Education, Guidance and Counselling from Kenyatta University and a Bachelor of Education degree from Moi University. Additionally, he has a Post Graduate Diploma in Human Resource Management from the University of Nairobi. He has authored and co-authored articles in international and local journals and attended and made presentations in leadership seminars and workshops together with addressing high school students on the issue of drugs.


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