How Not To Perish – A Family’s Anecdotes



This book pays tribute to a beloved brother, whose untimely demise after many trips to numerous hospitals left Isutsa’s family shattered, devastated, dumbfounded, pained, shaken, soul-searching, grieving, and lost for words. The contents are some heartfelt immortal memorabilia that will keep his legacy alive by promoting causes and virtues that were dear to him, including few words, resoluteness, pragmatism, mentorship, peace-making, and conciliation, family protection, dining and time-keeping. It is dedicated to legendary parents, who forged a firm union that brought forth a family to behold. It is bequeathed to cherished present and future heirs and heiresses. Lest they do not get a resource to learn from about the good times, troubles, trials, obstacles and hard times that their ancestors enjoyed, confronted, dealt with, and overcame to thrive. It provides great lessons on the need to take the baton, soldier on and never give up, but strive to enjoy the best memories and reverse odds to build better futures. The content includes family trees (genealogy), anthologies, profiles, sweet and sour memories, past encounters, ancestral tales, escapades, and educative comics, which have been weaved to enlighten, puzzle and regale in equal measure.


Dorcas Isutsa was born in 1966 in Kakamega-Kenya and is a holder of the following: Academic and Research Fellow Certificate (University of Reading-UK); Plant Biotechnology, Biosafety and Biotechnology Certificate (Wageningen International Agricultural Centre-Netherlands); Doctorate in Horticulture and M.Sc. in Pomology (Cornell University-USA); and B.Sc. in Horticulture (Egerton University-Kenya). She has served administratively as follows: 2013-2023 – University Academic Deputy Vice-Chancellor; and 2011-2013 – University College Deputy Principal. She has held professional positions as follows: 15th Sept. 2013 onwards Full Professor; 2003-2013 Associate Professor; 1999-2003 Senior Lecturer; 1997-1999 Lecturer; 1993-1997 Assistant Lecturer; 1990-1993 Teaching Assistant at Egerton University-Kenya; 1994-1998 Research Assistant, and parts of 1991-1998 Teaching Assistant at Cornell University-USA. Her research interests include pomology, plant nursery and orchard management, plant biotechnology, and horticulture. She has supervised over 20 bachelors, masters and doctorate students and authored over 80 refereed journal articles. She is an accomplished UNESCO Chair and Club Patron; Association of Commonwealth Universities and Nuffic Fellow; university mentor, educationist, professor, academician, administrator, article and book publisher, and a renowned, award-winning scholar, editor and founder of journals. She has also authored two other books on seed and micropropagated passion fruits, and essentials of temperate fruits.


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