Nam’monywa Clan of Kenya: A Histo-Cultural and Sociological Perspective



The Nam’monywa Clan of Kenya: A Histo-Cultural and Sociological Perspective is a masterpiece. It explores the culture of Nam’monywa clan and the Abanyole sub-tribe of Western Kenya. This is viewed in light of activities and the way of life of these people group in ancient times. The author explores the culture holistically in the areas not limited to rainmaking, death, funerals, burials, marriages, songs and dirges, and the clan genealogy. Important practices like obukooko, makumbusho, esikalusio, tsifuo and okhufwaala abaana among others are also discussed. The book gives readers the prospect of learning the Abanyole culture in quest to preserve culture and its beauty in the African viewpoint. It also helps the current generation to understand our African values, appreciate our ethos and shun from the community vices.

As a person who belongs to the Abanyole sub-tribe of the larger Luhya tribe of western Kenya, I have always wished to see someone take the initiative to bring to light the history of this minority sub-tribe. The book, Nam’monywa Clan of Kenya: A Histo-Cultural and Sociological Perspective, by Osore comes in at the right time to address our unique culture from a histo-cultural viewpoint. The author describes the virtues and vices and how they were organized, in a beautiful vivid way. A very educative must read for academics at all levels [Grace Atemi Ondieki (PhD); Lecturer, School of Education, Kisii University]

The culture of a people defines a people–this book is a mainstay that displays how inimitable the culture of Abasiekwe, Nam’monywa Clan of Bunyore, Vihiga County, Kenya is. It is well articulated with an African histo-cultural yet scholarly viewpoint. Millions of copies shall be sold world-wide. Check out your copy now! [Col. Richard Angaka Abnery, Kenya Defense Forces]

Osore Omufulukhani Caleb is a passionate researcher, gifted and creative thinker, and zealous author. He has played an integral role in shaping the African culture in Bunyore, Theology and ministry with a kin eye. As an astute Systematic Theologian of high standing, Osore has positively impacted the world of academia through his experience in the lecture room in various higher learning institutions in Kenya. He is an ordained minister currently serving with Celebration Churches International in Kenya. He has authored other books including, “Lighting the Community in Diversified Spheres,” “Acts of the Holy Spirit: Exploring the Good News,” and several journal articles. Osore is an editor and reviewer with Utafiti Foundation and a board member of the East African Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences. A part from Systematic Theology, the author concentrates on Religion, Bible, Culture, Counseling Psychology, African Philosophy, African Traditional Religion, Organizational Development, and Peace Building as his areas of research.




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