Primer B Music Literacy Workbook



Primer B Music Literacy Workbook introduces the child to two basic music notes, numbers 1-5 and the finger numbers in readiness for instrumental music instruction and performance such as piano. The book helps a child to master these numbers by identifying them, writing them well and counting effectively. The child is also introduced to music notes in a fun and exciting manner that will aid in mastery of music-note writing, identification, clapping, playing and practice. The child will learn the music alphabet using various methods.

A wonderful book for establishing a strong music literacy foundation for ages 3-6.

Dr. Florence Miya holds B.Ed. (Music) and M.A. (Ethnomusicology) degrees from Kenyatta University, Kenya and a PhD (Music) from University of Cape Town, South Africa. She has taught Music and Research Methods at University level for many years. She has served as an external examiner in Music for several universities in South Africa. She has been published widely including several books, academic and non-academic journals, and magazines. Dr. Miya is a music performer, church music director, composer, educator and recording artist. Currently, besides running a real estate business, she is a Consultant in Musical Arts and Education. She is also the founder and Director of Almond Musical Arts School in Kenya. This workbook is her 14th book. Florence is married to Gilbert Miya and together they have three children Joy, Daniel and David Miya.


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