Proceedings of The 7th Annual International Conference – School of Aerospace Sciences



  • Challenges in Aviation Safety in the Region and their Possible Resolution (Meshesha Belayneh)
  • Manpower Challenges in Aerospace Safety in Africa – Possible Training Policy Solutions (Chingosho Elijah)
  • Challenges in Aerospace Security in the Post 9/11 Era: Moving towards Effective Solutions (Odido, D. O.)
  • Flight Safety in Kenya (Tirop, P. K., Chelagat Diana, Walala Micah & Wareru Irene)
  • Man Power Challenges Facing Aviation Industry in Kenya (Walala Micah, Waweru Irene, Tirop, P. K. & Chelangat D.)
  • Study of Gender Distribution of Aviation Students: A Case of Moi University (Chelangat D., Waweru I. & Walala M.)
  • Environmental Sustainability of Aerospace Technologies: A Case Study of Kenya (Milcah Walala & Mutinda Edwin)
  • Study of the Aspects Used by Commercial Airlines in Facilitating Domestic Tourism in Kenya (Chelangat D., Walala Micah, Waweru Irene & Tirop, P. K.)
  • Impact of Aerospace Science on Tourism in Kenya (Chelangat D.)
  • Application of Intelligent Agents in e-Commerce (Odhiambo, Marcel O., Umenne Patrice & Amimo Paul)
  • Unmanned Aerial Vehicles: Meeting the Challenges of Millennium Development Goals (Odido D. O. & Kifalu, S. B.)
  • Recycling and Value Addition to Thermoplastic Wastes to Produce Composites for Air Craft Interiors and Exteriors (Mayaka, A. N., Wambua, P. M. & Odhong, O. V. E.)
  • Satellite Technology: Application in Epidemiological Intelligence (Walala Micah)
  • Latency of Application of Unmanned Aerial Systems (UASs) in Kenya (Walala Micah)
  • Innovations and Advances in Aerospace Sciences towards the Realization of the Millennium Development Goals (Walala Micah)
  • Feasibility of Application of UAV for Provision of Medical Services in Remote and Hard-to-Access Regions, Disaster Areas, and Battle Ground (Walala Micah)
  • Examining the Challenges Facing the Aviation Industry in Africa – A Case Study of Kenya (Walala Micah, WaweruIrene, Tirop, P. K. & Chelangat D.)
  • Viability of Use of Satellite Technology and Unmanned Aerial Systems in Disaster Management (Walala Micah)
  • Application of Satellite Technologies in the Achievement of the Millennium Development Goals (Walala Micah)
  • Adoption of Automatic Dependent Surveillance Broadcast System as the Next Generation Navigation Surveillance System(Walala Micah)
  • Sustainable Fashion Design Research Engaging with New Technologies (Owiti, P. A.)
  • Exploring the Need and Viability of a Small Satellite Programme for Less Developed Countries (Odido D. & Torongey P.)


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