Research Methods: Essential Tools and Techniques



Research Methods: Essential Tools and Techniques is a crucial guide for researchers across various disciplines. Written by research experts, this comprehensive book covers a range of advanced research techniques, including experimental design, statistical analysis, and data visualisation. Readers will learn how to design experiments effectively, analyse data, and interpret results through detailed explanations and real-world examples. Whether you are conducting research in the sciences, social sciences, or humanities, this book will provide the tools and knowledge needed to produce high-quality research. With its technical focus and practical approach, Research Methods – Essential Tools and Techniques is an invaluable resource for graduate students, researchers, and professionals seeking to enhance their research skills and produce impactful work.

Dr. Michael N. Walekhwa is an accomplished Medical Immunologist and Infectious Diseases expert with a PhD in Medical Immunology, an MSc in Infectious Diseases, and a BSc in Medical Laboratory Sciences. He’s a lecturer at the School of Medicine & Health Sciences, Kabarak University. Dr. Walekhwa is an innovative researcher, focusing on vaccine development and evaluation. He has published ground-breaking research in high-impact journals, and presented his research findings at international conferences. He is a finalist MBA in Strategic Management candidate, enhancing his strategic and business-minded approach with a focus on quality management systems. Dr. Walekhwa is a thought leader in his field, playing a key role in the development of cutting-edge vaccines and therapies, pushing the boundaries of medical immunology.

Valerie Suge-Michieka is a highly skilled critical care and emergency nurse specialist, nurse educator, and researcher. She holds an MSc in Nursing in Critical Care and a BSN, and is pursuing a PhD in Nursing Sciences with a focus on Medical-Surgical Nursing. As a Kabarak University lecturer, she’s dedicated to improving nursing practice and patient outcomes through evidence-based research and high-quality education. Valerie’s research interests include patient safety, interprofessional collaboration, and evidence-based practice in critical care nursing. She has published numerous papers in leading nursing journals and presented her findings at national and international conferences, inspiring other nurses to pursue evidence-based research to improve patient outcomes and advance the practice of nursing.


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