Theological Articulation of Selected Teachings of Repentance and Holiness Kings Outreach Church



This book tells, first hand, the powerful story of Dr. David Edward Owuor, a renowned faith healer, preacher and prophet; vividly drawing out the emergence, historical and theological articulations of Repentance and Holiness Kings Outreach Church. The book demonstrates the striking relevance for today of the relationship between science and religion given the fact that Dr. David Edward Owuor is a pure scientist yet he is one of the greatest evangelists of the twenty first century. This book expertly covers the subject of prophecy and faith healing in churches today as exemplified in Repentance and Holiness Kings Outreach Church.

This is a pioneering work on perhaps one of the most popular, influential and controversial Christian movements in the history of the Christian church in Kenya. The study is detailed, rich and critical while providing a rigorous academic analysis of this movement. Like good scholars, the authors have attempted to make us understand the theological underpinnings of this church without taking sides [Dr. Joseph Basil Okong’o; Moi University, Eldoret, Kenya]

Margaret Nanjala Matisi holds a Master’s degree in Religion. She has over twenty years experience in the teaching profession. She is a registered member of various professional entities. She has served as Head of Department (Humanities) in St. Mathew’s ACK Secondary School – Webuye and St. Cecilia Girls High School – Misikhu. Currently, she is a Tutorial Fellow in the Department of Social Science Education at Kibabii University College, Kenya.

O. M. J. Nandi is an Associate Professor of Social Sciences. He has over twenty years of teaching and research at University. He has supervised graduate students at master and PhD levels. He is a registered member of several professional bodies and published many scholarly articles in international and regional journals. He has co-authored a book, “Integration of Christian and Tiriki Death Rituals”. He served as the Chairman of the Department of Religion and Philosophy at Maseno University and Founding Chair of the Department of Social Sciences Education, Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology (MMUST). He also has Acted as the Dean of Students and also served as Director of Privately Sponsored Students Programme for six years at MMUST. Currently, he is in charge of Kaimosi Campus of MMUST.


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