Women’s Role in the Negotiation Processes in Southern Sudan: A Case of The 2005 Machakos/ Naivasha Peace Process



In this book, the author states that despite bearing the highest brunt of violence, it is improper to relegate all women to the status of victims of war and conflict. Consequently, she urges that women play a major role in peacemaking processes much as they bear the brunt of violence. They deserve a place at the table, actively involved in decision making to ensure peaceful co-existence is on this background that the author investigated the main contributions of women to negotiation processes with regard to South Sudan by examining the case of the Machakos and Naivasha peace processes. The main finding in the book is that peace agreements, post conflict reconstruction and governance can do better when women are involved. In essence, it is established that women who were involved in the Machakos and Naivasha peace building processes contributed considerably to the CPA agreement. Despite the many challenges they were faced with, they continue to be instrumental in the implementation of the Agreement.


Dr. Ruth Agesa is a County Executive Committee Member for Education Science, Technical and Vocational Training in the County Government of Vihiga and also the Chairperson of CECM Education Council of Governors (COG) Caucus. Before then, she served as a Director of Education (Music) in the Ministry of Education, Kenya. She was also the Executive Secretary Kenya Music Festival, Head of Perfuming Arts and Head of Protocol at the Ministry. She has previously served as Council Member of Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital, Cooperative University and she was a member of the expertise of culture at UNESCO, Council member at Kenya School of Government and Assistant CEO of World under 20 Athletics. She has also been a member of the National Celebrations Committee. Her MBS, OGW and HSC awards are presidential commendations awarded for her exemplary performance in organization of the Kenya Music Festival; which is the biggest educational festival locally and internationally. Dr. Agesa is also the patron for Vihiga County Drama Welfare Association and a member of National Educational Women Initiative (NEW) group which mentors and empowers girls. She believes in amicable ways of solving problems. In executing her duties at KMF, she used the skill as a major tool for enhancing national unity cohesion and integration.


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