Academic Performance of Teenagers from Single Parent Families in Kenya: Focus on Kajiado County High Schools



This book is designed out of an empirical study conducted to investigate academic performance of teenagers from single parents’ families. Given that the numbers of single parenting families have been on the rise for diverse reasons, it is important for parents, teachers and other stakeholders of basic education to find out whether single parenthood affects the academic performance of their children at teenage. This is because teenage is a major transition stage in life and brings along identity issues that may affect self-perception and hence academic performance. Data was collected from teenagers and from parents of teenagers using questionnaires. The findings indicated that single parenthood did not have any direct effect on the academic performance of teenagers. The factors that had direct effect were: Parental involvement on the teenager’s education, social economic status of parents and the classroom environment. Gender was also a factor, but it was dependent on the gender socialization of teenagers. The book therefore can help parents to: improve their involvement in the education of their children, improve their social economic status, work with teachers in enhancing safe classroom environment and to socialize their children, whether male or female, in an empowering way. Teachers, policy makers and other stakeholders need to work together to empower teenagers to thrive holistically regardless of their parenting backgrounds.

Ms. Hannah Njeri Ngigi is the Manager of ByGrace Children’s Home (Ngong). She also serves as a women’s leader at CITAM (Ngong). She is mother to Ms. Evalyne Wambui Njeri (23 years). She is a salted motivational speaker especially among the youth and has facilitated various seminars and workshops for youth training. Through her vast experience in working with women, she is acquainted to concerns of single parents and their children’s academic performance. These concerns prodded her quest for an empirical study which forms the foundation of this book. She holds a Master’s degree in Education from Africa International University, Nairobi, Kenya.

Dr. Rosemary Wahu Mbogo is the Dean of the School of Education, Arts and Social Sciences at Africa International University. She is married to Dr. Stephen N. Mbogo, the CEO of African Enterprise International and together they are blessed with two children, Victor (21 years) and Joy (16 years). Through her work with vulnerable communities she has to date founded three schools and a children’s home. These have given her opportunity to work with single parents and their children, promoting equal access to education and academic excellence for the vulnerable. She holds a PhD from Biola University, CA. She is the author of Against all Odds: Rising from Humble Beginnings, among others.


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