African Christian Ethnomusicology in Biblical Perspective



This book engages in the conversation among members of the African Church – the Body of  Christ – on her continued expression in song of her experience of Jesus Christ within the  context of African worldviews. Many African Christian theologians claim that it is natural for  an African to express oneself in song. In this book, the author begins his discussion by looking  first at Biblical basis for ethnicity or ethnological reflection. Second, he carries out a brief  discussion on the Biblical basis for ethnomusicology. Third, he looks at some of the reasons  for the absence of or delay for a vibrant African ethnomusicological reflection in the African  Church. Fourth, he ventures to recommend the scope within which African Christian  ethnomusicological reflection should be focused. He concludes the discussion by highlighting
and underscoring the qualities of an effective African Christian ethnomusicologist. This book  is highly recommended for scholars and anyone interested in missiology, musicology,  ethnomusicology and inter-cultural studies.

Professor Jones Kaleli is Kenyan-born and an ordained pastor with Africa Inland Church of Kenya.  He has MA and Ph.D. in Intercultural Studies from the School of Inter-Cultural Studies, Fuller  Theological Seminary in Pasadena, California; MA in Old Testament from Denver Theological  Seminary and BS from Columbia International University. He has served for over thirty years in  several areas of ministry some of which include pastoral care and teaching in colleges and  universities such as Kenyatta University, Egerton University and Daystar University in Kenya; and  Haggai Institute in Singapore. In August 2002, he worked as the founding Provost of Kabarak  University, a position he served until August 2005 when he joined Liberty University in Virginia,  USA, where for eight years he served as an Associate Professor in Intercultural Studies. In 2013, he was requested and inaugurated by His Excellency Hon. President Daniel T. Arap Moi, CGH; the  Second President of the Republic of Kenya, to serve as the fourth Vice-Chancellor of Kabarak  University. Prof. Kaleli is married to Dr. Jeddy Kaleli and God has blessed them with four children  and six grandchildren.


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