Against All Odds: Rising up from a Humble Beginning



This book is a true story about my life’s journey and how I grew up from a poor family, schooled in poor rural schools for the most part of my life, grew up in a largely poor and miserable environment for 18 years, lost my dad at 9 years of age and my mom at 21 years of age. As a first born among four siblings, hope for a better tomorrow was almost always dim. But despite all these odds, the gift of PERSONAL TRANSFORMATION and subsequent TRANSFORMING RELATIONSHIPS made a world difference to me. Personal transformation was achieved through a personal decision to identify with Jesus Christ as my Saviour. The pursuit of this well articulated SPIRITUALITY defined meaning in life for me which helped to curve out a clear path in life. Spirituality (as opposed to religiosity) created a great passion in life to pursue excellence in all areas of life, with great energy from within and a perception that I could overcome all barriers in life.

In writing the story, I have endeavoured to explain some historical and geographical contexts adequately to help the youth who live in a different generation to visualize the events. I have also explained some of my reflections and lessons learnt to motivate young and middle adults to do the same and learn from their own lives. Overall, I have written with the hope that someone who reads the book will think of someone who is underprivileged in society and who may be motivated by my story to have hope for a better tomorrow. May those with means find it prudent to buy the book for someone who is not able. Finally, I hope many will be motivated by my story to do something to better individuals, families, communities, and therefore nations by investing their lives and resources for worthy causes. We can do it AGAINST ALL ODDS!

Rosemary Mbogo is a lecturer at Africa International University (AIU). She is also the Quality Assurance Director of the university. She is the author of “How to Manage House Helps: Creating Productive Relationships with Domestic Workers”. She is also the Founder of Tumaini Academic (Mathare North), ByGrace Primary School (Ngong), ByGrace High School (Ngong) and ByGrace Children’s Home (Ngong).


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