Education for Destiny




Whether we acknowledge it or not, our lives and our actions are embedded in God’s grand story: what we call history. He has given us roles to play in this great historical drama. How should we authentically and faithfully act out our roles in God’s drama? Daniel Ohide argues that if we will open ourselves to God and seek to listen to Him, we will find that He is very interested in all of our day-to-day activities. When these facts really grip our lives, they bring about change—a transformation from seeking what we want to do to seeking what God wants of us to do . . . seeking God’s destiny for us. We can then find our destined calling in His ongoing Kingdom work, and whether we work as church leaders, in a trade, in the home, in business, on a farm, or in teaching, administration, politics, public or private enterprise, we are His ministers, and He has tasks for us to which He has called us. For those of us who teach (disciple) others, this also means teaching and mentoring others to recognize their places in God’s drama. This book is a dramatic, personal account by Daniel Ohide of his life, mostly lived in South Sudan. The narrative builds as we see him seeking God’s role for him and leading him to find his destiny in God’s will. This process has involved learning from the positive and negative situations as Mr Ohide’s life took twists and turns. It involved acknowledging the presence of the indwelling, Imminent God and learning of the roles in His drama that Mr Ohide must fulfil. Mr Ohide’s account does not assume that life is always easy, or that the finding of God’s will is a simple, automatic process. In the striving, searching, and waiting for God’s timing, however, a deep satisfaction may be found. Finding that destiny, God’s destiny for us, gives a peace as we recognise that whatever we are doing in His will, is for God’s eternal Kingdom purposes and we can rest in that. As we all seek to be successful in this life, we can heed the words of Francis Chan who said, “Our greatest fear should not be of failure but of succeeding at things in life that don’t really matter.” Let us succeed in attaining God’s destiny for our lives, communities and nations [Geoff Beech, PhD]

Alyaha Daniel Felix Ohide works at Emmanuel Christian College, in Yei, South Sudan where he served as, lecturer, founding Head of the Education Department, was Dean of Students, and currently is the College Principal. Mr Ohide is a passionate Christian Educator, theologian and leader. Prior to joining Emmanuel Christian College, he worked as a volunteer missionary with the Foundation of Cross-cultural Education (FCE) after he had graduated with a Teaching Diploma from FCE College. In addition to that, Mr Ohide holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Theology from Hebron Theological College in South Africa, and a Master of Education (Leadership & Administration) from the Africa International University in Kenya. Currently he is pursuing his PhD studies in Educational Leadership and Administration with the Africa International University.


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