Branding Kenya: Identity and Image



The writing of Branding Kenya: Identity and Image was necessitated by the need to demystify the argument that nation branding is a recent phenomenon in Africa. The book illustrates that the practice and concept of nation branding are not new in Kenya, as the country has historically positioned and promoted itself through policies, currencies, anthems, names and symbols. The author traces the history of nation branding in Kenya by looking at the evolution of the Brand Kenya Board to the Kenya Export Promotion and Branding Agency (KEPROBA). It further delves into different approaches that have been used to rebrand Kenya, including nation branding campaigns (‘+254 Tuko na Plus Kibao’ and ‘Nitakuwepo’), Mega events such as the International Sports competition (Kenya House in the 2012 London Olympics) and visit by the president from a foreign country (former US President, Barack Obama in Kenya). Dr Nasubo further reveals how these nation branding strategies have been used to construct Kenya’s national identity while simultaneously communicating the country’s image internally and externally.

When you ask a foreigner or even a local what Kenya is known for, you are likely to hear tea, coffee, athletics and tourism; especially beaches at the coast, safaris and wildlife. But after reading Fred’s book, I have realised that there is much more in Kenya that makes it great. There is much more Kenya can ride on to improve on its brand and image [Alex Chamwada, OGW].

Fred Nasubo is Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the British Institute in Eastern Africa. He holds PhD in Governance and Regional Integration from Pan African University, Institute of Governance, Humanities and Social Sciences-Yaoundé Cameroon (2022, March); Masters of Arts in History (2017, June) and BA in History & Economics (2013, May) from Egerton University-Kenya. Nasubo is 2021 fellow of the IFE Institute of Advanced Studies, 4th CODESRIA/CASB S/S Laureate and YALI RLC, EA Nairobi Alumni. He is a consultant and educator in African studies, nation/county branding, identity politics, governance and regional integration.


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