Enhancing National Unity in Kenya: The Use of Oral Literature in Kiswahili



The goal of education in Kenya is that education in Kenya must foster a sense of nationhood and promote national unity but national unity has been an issue of concern in the Kenyan society especially after the post election violence of 2007-2008. Thus this book has evolved out of the need to examine the use of oral literature in Kiswahili in Kenyan classrooms to enhance national unity having in mind that Kiswahili is the national language in Kenya and its main role is to enhance national unity. This book critically examines the nature of inclusion of issues of national unity and identity in Kiswahili textbooks that are used in Kenyan schools, also the extent of integration of elements of national unity in oral literature lessons, the instructional methods that are used, the challenges that teachers face in their attempt to integrate issues of national unity and the student’s and teacher’s towards oral literature. This book best suits all Kenyans as it highlights on the importance of our diverse oral literature in enhancing national unity. Therefore, with Kenya’s cultural diversity, education should create a basis for a common culture where each community’s culture must be respected and preserved.

Dr. Koross Rachel is a specialist in Educational Communication and Technology. She holds a Ph.D. in Education (Educational Communication and Technology), an M.Phil. in Educational Communication and Technology (Kiswahili Education), and a B.Ed. (Arts) in Kiswahili/Geography from Moi University, Kenya. She has a wide teaching experience in Secondary School (Umoja Secondary School, Eldoret) and in several Universities in Kenya. Dr. Koross has vast experience in teaching Kiswahili and Education technology and has published widely. Some of her titles include National Identity and Unity in Kiswahili Textbooks for Secondary Schools in Kenya (2012) and Integrating Information Communication Technologies (ICTs) into Teaching and Learning Process: Challenges and Possibilities for Technical Training (2011).


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