Entrepreneurship: What Women Entrepreneurs and Any Small-Scale Trader Need in Order to Succeed




This book addresses issues that impede entrepreneurship development amongst women with a view to suggesting solutions that can improve entrepreneurial activities and create more employment opportunities in Kenya. It further highlights issues that may influence policy frameworks by providing insights to critical aspects of women-owned and or managed small businesses which need urgent attention by governments and the entrepreneurs themselves by changing attitudes, shaping opinions, proposing good practices and entrepreneurial culture in Kenya. The author proposes a model of women entrepreneurship that incorporates the theory of entrepreneurial scorecard, social economic characteristics and balanced scorecard to the existing theories of human capital and assesses their influence on enterprise performance. Entrepreneurshp also points out pathways leading to stimulating and supporting further research in women entrepreneurship.

Dr. Hannah Orwa Bula (Ph.D) is a Senior Lecturer at the School of Business, Kenyatta University, Nairobi, Kenya. She is an expert in management with special interest in women entrepreneurships, human resource management and strategic management. Bula has consulted for organizations such as SITE, OXFAM, NOPE and World Bank in collaboration with NITA in youths and women’s work, particularly in women entrepreneurship. She is also an expert in curriculum development, strategic planning and business development skills. She has authored a book and a book chapter in women entrepreneurship and innovation capability among women in the informal settlement of Nairobi Kenya. She is an author of two online modules in entrepreneurship and technology used by African Virtual University. She has also published journal articles on Entrepreneurship Score Card and Performance of Women Small Scale traders (SSEs) in Nairobi, Kenya and Balanced Scorecard and Performance of Women (SSEs) in Kenya. Bula sits in various editorial boards in Kenya and internationally as a peer reviewer of journal articles.


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