Lighting the Community in Diversified Spheres: An Autobiography




Ex- Councillor Hon. Willis Abnery Osango Ebole was born and raised in a humble Christian family. His love, passion, and desire for Christ developed and propelled him into church leadership at the local church, district, and national levels. He was a genius who proved his prowess in the entire academic journey. He enrolled for day school (nursery) education at Esibila, then primary school at Esalwa where he passed his Common Entrance Examination (CEE) in class four. This enabled him to join Emusire Junior Secondary School in class five where he sat and passed his Kenya African Preliminary Examination (KAPE). He would later enrol for form one and two in the same school where he sat for Kenya African Secondary School Examination (KASSE) and consequently passed. He was later admitted at St. Mary’s School Yala that was to see him through form three and four and sit for Cambridge School Certificate Examinations (CSCE). Nevertheless, things went haywire when lack of school fees saw him discontinue his studies. He then went for training at Siriba Teachers’ Training College. Upon graduation, he taught in several schools for eight years before quitting to join county leadership and later charged with various roles. He served for close to 27 years and retired. Thereafter, he seriously embarked on active politics and successfully clinched the West Bunyore Ward seat as a Councillor. He served for two terms from 1992- 2002 then officially retired from active politics. He currently has a good standing in the society as a consultant on leadership, church, and cultural matters. This autobiography stands out to be a memorable monument to be checked out!


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