A Comprehensive Guide to Secondary School Poetry



This book guides students and teachers in the teaching and learning of poetry in schools with particular interest on preparation of exams. It sets to unify all relevant areas learners should be prepared on as they work towards their KCSE exams. The text discusses the relevant content in the context of exam situations. It gives insights and firsthand experience cues and guidelines on how to maximize the score in exams, pointing out exact areas where marks are gotten (or lost). The text also provides an important tool for teaching poetry in class, providing an all-in-one approach that will ensure all areas are covered, and cross references made easier. It also comes complete with sample past papers and marking schemes clearly showing areas to focus on to earn total marks. Used well, this comprehensive guide will greatly improve performance in Poetry.

For a subject conventionally considered “difficult” like poetry, the ease and simplicity with which Wangwe approaches it is impressive, and even the most worried of students and teachers alike will find this text most approachable. It has the ability to make poetry the most popular subject in secondary schools, and to tremendously improve student performance in examinations [Dr. Samuel Ndogo
Department of Literature, Theatre & Film Studies,
Moi University, Eldoret, Kenya]

John Wangwe is a graduate of Moi University and holds a B.Ed. (Arts) degree. Currently pursuing his masters degree in Literature Education, Wangwe is a long-serving teacher who has taught in various schools. He is currently teaching at Arnesens High School in Burnt Forest, Kenya. Wangwe is also an experienced examiner, who has marked at various levels. He has a wealth of experience regarding how Poetry and English as a whole is set and marked at various levels. He is also a career and life coach and motivational speaker keen to inspire others to the greatest of their potential. Wangwe is a student-teacher mentor for Kenyatta University education students. He has given many talks to both students and teachers on the area of careers, development of talent and academic excellence.


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