Acts of The Holy Spirit: Exploring the Good News



This book provides the reader with an opportunity to comprehend the message in the book of Acts. The author aims to divulge how the Holy Spirit who is the main character revealed Himself in the lives of Apostles against all odds. While citing examples and how the book is related to our contemporary lives, the author deeply analyses, with an African eye, how God empowered the apostles to witness for Christ to the ends of the world. It gives readers a prospect to meditate and reflect on this Word in view of the first Church.

This fine book, a commentary on the Book of Acts, is written by a trained eye with a heart carefully attuned to God. Osore has a special sensitivity to the spiritual needs of African readers. Addressed is the core of the Bible that is the mother of the early Christian church. This ancient treasure is reviewed with care. Reading these pages will inform the mind of any searching soul. It also will encourage the work of the Holy Spirit in our needy times [The Rev. Prof. Barry L. Callen, Professor of Theology and Dean Emeritus, Anderson University and School of Theology].

“The Acts of the Holy Spirit: Exploring the Good News” is a must read for those in academia, researchers, and the general population interested in Christian literature. In a free flowing, easy to read and practical way, Rev. Osore Omufulukhani, an excellent author, has carefully summarized the Book of Acts. Using his long experience in Church Ministry, he makes valuable reflections on the applicability of the Book of Acts to the Christian life today. The book will definitely add great value to the readers [Dr. Rubai Mandela Ochieng, Senior Lecturer, Kenyatta University & Co-Chairperson, Women Educational Researchers of Kenya].

Rev. Osore Omufulukhani is a gifted writer, thoughtful researcher, creative thinker, and skilled artist. He has vast expertise in the world of editorial and review with Utafiti Foundation and has assisted many writers to author books. He holds a Master in Systematic Theology from St. Paul’s University and currently pursuing his PhD in Religion at the Africa Nazarene University. Osore is an experienced and astute lecturer with a good standing. He has authored “Lighting the Community in Diversified Spheres” and other manuscripts. His area of research and writing is on Systematic Theology, Religion, Biblical exposition and commendation, Culture, and African Traditional Religion (ATR).


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