Integrating Information Communication Technology in Education: Challenges in Rwanda’s Primary Schools



This book is intended primarily for relatively inexperienced education managers who need to understand the effective integration of ICT in teaching and learning. It is intended to help understand the role of teachers in the process of integrating innovations by many influential practitioners, researchers and curriculum developers and implementers in the education sector. Established ICT-based learning systems interested in exploring recent developments in teaching and learning through the use of ICT will also find the book valuable. It has been written on the premise that teachers strive to extend, develop and sharpen their practice based on their perceptions, attitudes understanding and conducive professional environment. It endeavours to offer a starting point for effective integration of ICT in teaching and learning through an ICT-rich environment. It does this through inclusion of a mix of research evidence, successful examples of practice, an introduction to some key educational concepts and consideration of the major issues confronted by teachers in their role of facilitating learning in the 21st Century.


Jean Claude Zigama is currently a Lecturer and Leader of Innovation in the Department of Education Arts of the School of Education at Kabarak University. After teaching and lecturing in in various universities in Rwanda, he worked at the University of Eldoret, in the Department of Curriculum and Instruction, School of Education as a Lecturer and coordinator of the General Teaching Methods course. He teaches, publishes and researches on a range of aspects of 21st Century skills’ pedagogy, Teacher education and integration of ICTs in learning in university and professional settings, especially in relation to Teacher Education. His recent research and publications focus on Teacher Education and Professionalisation, and using modern technologies.


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