Introduction to Victimology: Meaning, Nature & Scope




This book deals with what victimology is and what it focuses on. The book elucidates the categories of victims and expounds on who the fathers of victimology are and the role of criminal justice system in dealing with victims. Victimology is a subject of criminology that studies criminal action from another viewpoint, focusing on the effect of wrongdoing on victims. Victimology gauges crime by studying victimization, designs of victim-offender relationships and the role of the victim within the criminal justice systems. The author explains how the victims contribute to their own victimization by their characteristics. He explains the four most common theories which attempt to expound victimization and its foundations namely, the victim precipitation theory, the lifestyle theory, the deviant place theory and the routine activities theory. Finally, the author deals with approaches to crime prevention. The book is intended to cater for policy makers, security officers, researchers, pre-graduates, graduates and post-graduates who will find this to be a very good tool for their work.

Professor Ndikaru wa Teresia is a well-known activist on environment and human rights issues in Kenya. He has made remarkable contribution to the rights of the oppressed people in Thika, Kenya. In September 14 1992, he led a mass demonstration of hundreds of people against KEL Factory which produced chemicals which were affecting people in Thika. He is a Professor of Criminology in the Department of Criminology and Legal Studies, and the Catholic Chaplain at The Technical University of Kenya, Nairobi.

Professor Ndikaru was born in Kamirithu Village, Limuru, Kiambu, Kenya. He was educated at Kamandura Lower Primary School, Limuru-Kenya, Kigumba Intermediary Primary School, and Kihura Catholic Upper Primary School in Kigumba, Masindi-Uganda. He attended Queen of Apostles Seminary, Nairobi, for “O” and “A” levels. He obtained his Bachelor of Arts Degree from Pontifical University of Urbaniana, Rome-Italy; Master’s degree in Disaster Management from University of Nairobi, and PhD in Criminology from Kenyatta University.

He is the Founder and Administrator of St Matia Mulumba Mission Hospital in Thika and Administrator of KENGO/St Mulumba Environment Quality Assessment, which assessed environment pollution in Thika. Professor Ndikaru is a prolific writer with several books to his name. He has authored Introduction to Disaster Management, Research Methodology (Volume One and Volume Two), Crime Differentials in Nairobi Metropolitan Slum Areas, Introduction to Penology, Cry of the Oppressed, Introduction to Victimology, Pollution and Urban Life in Kenya, The Slums Juvenile Delinquency in Kenya, Introduction to Criminology, Terrorism and Counter-Terrorism. He also co-authored with Waithaka Waihenya the book ‘A Voice Unstilled; Archbishop Ndingi Mwana a’Nzeki.’

Professor Ndikaru was for many years the editor of “Mwananchi Magazine”, owned and published by Kenya Episcopal Conference, “The Voice Newsletter”, published by the Catholic Archdiocese of Nairobi, “Thika Ecumenical Newsletter”, which was owned and published by Anglican Church of Kenya, the Presbyterian Church of East Africa and Catholic Church in Thika. He is widely published in reputable international peer-reviewed journals.


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