Love Made and Cooked in the African Christian Pot



This book demonstrates the complete soul in the joining of two persons, male and female (complete love within), as a volitional personal choice; as a contract (legal in terms of de jure and de facto system); as a psychological experience (enhancement of the being) and expectations (meeting needs and longings, in healthy and unhealthy terms; concerning some known and unknown underpinnings: coming from parenting experiences, as strengths and weakness as per the four parenting styles and as introjections and as projections; and having meanings in terms of behaviour, thinking, relating, feelings and functioning). The book demonstrates that love is made and cooked in ethnicity and culture and nature, nurture and personal growth and development, but also love is divine (Sacramental in nature, coming from the nature of God; for God is love. It is about the complexities of love: in theory and practice and, the realities of being in the bliss of love; and realities of betrayal, loss, grief; and the systems of coping and recovery processes in search of true love: for true love when found is the best that can happen to two persons: The best seed you can plant is love; with togetherness, joy and peace, unity, diversity and forgiveness.

Professor (Venerable) Ndung’u John Brown Ikenye is Program Leader in Counseling Psychology and Pastoral Theology at St. Paul’s University (Faculty of Social Sciences and Faculty of Theology) . He is also a Clinical Psychologist in Private Practice for counseling Individuals, Marriage, Family and Organizations. Professor Ikenye is an ordained priest and Archdeacon in the Anglican Church, Diocese of Thika, Kenya and Diocese of Chicago, USA. Prof. Ikenye holds a PhD in Counseling, Personality and Culture from Northwestern University, USA; DMin. in Counseling and Psychotherapy and Master of Theological Studies in Pastoral Psychology from Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary, USA; MA in Biblical Studies from the International School of Theology, San Bardino, USA. Prof. Ikenye graduated with a BA in Bible and Theology from Pan African Christian University, Kenya. Prof. Ndung’u Ikenye is widely published in books, Chapters in books and Papers in Peer Refereed Journals with a specialization in Counseling theory and practice and Practical theology and with a major contribution in contextualization, ethnocultural and African perspectives. Prof. Ikenye is a Clinical Member of the American Association of Marriage and Family Therapy; Clinical Fellow of the American Association of Pastoral Counselors; Member in Kenya Guidance, Counseling and Psychology Association and a Certified Supervisor of Kenya Counseling and Psychological Association.


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