Emerging Issues in African Musicology




Emerging Issues in African Musicology is an embedment of various pieces of work by music practitioners who, through their research, connect in a wider field of music disciplines in the African setting.  This collection focuses on both theory and practice as relates to African Musicology. It discusses trends and issues affecting music in Africa. From music therapy to use of imagery in African music to the position of women and review of practical musicianship in African schools, the authors point out the African experience to the field of Musicology. Colonialism, acculturation, contemporary society and cultural dynamics are what stand out as core features discussed in this book. Together the authors contribute to the promotion of Musicology in the African perspective creating recognition of the history of Music in Africa and its development in the contemporary society. To a large appreciation, African musicology as expressed in this book has drawn Music practitioners into appreciating the cultural heritage which as observed requires conserving and disseminating in their communities of origin.

Dr. Beatrice Digolo is currently a senior lecturer at Kenyatta University, Department of Music and Dance. Her experience in university teaching and research spans over a period of 27 years. Dr. Digolo has made extensive contribution in research publication and student supervision at Masters and PhD level. Her areas of interest in research and publication include philosophy of music education, history of music education, ethnomusicology, and research methodology.  Dr. Digolo has held a number of senior positions within and outside the university including; Chairperson – Department of Music and Dance, Dean – School of School of Visual and Performing Arts, both at Kenyatta University, and Representative of North – South – South for Kenyatta University, among others.

Prof. Mellitus Nyongesa Wanyama is currently a Professor of Music (Ethnomusicology and Musicology) at Kabarak University, Nakuru, Kenya, where he has served as the Founding Dean, School of Music and Performing Arts, since August 2015. He is the President of Pan African Society for Musical Arts Education (PASMAE) following his election in 2019. Prior to moving to Kabarak University, he taught, for over 10 years, Music and Dance at Moi University having been the Founder of Music Studies at Moi University. He chaired the Panel that drafted Music courses for the School of Music and Performing Arts at Kabarak University. He is a music educator, composer, arranger, choral trainer, choreographer and adjudicator of music and dance. He holds a Certificate in Education (Mosoriot Teachers College); a Diploma in Education (Kisii College); BA and MPhil. (Moi University); and Doctor of Music (DMus) in Ethnomusicology (University of Pretoria, South Africa).


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