Mama You Have a Guest & Other Poems

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This collection has a range of themes such as love, friendship, family relationships, corruption, education, politics, and life among others, tackled in the most simplistic of ways. The poems are aimed at entertaining as well as triggering deeper thinking about varied issues in the society. The author had but just but one thought: poetry can be easily accessible and communicate serious issues paving way for solutions.

‘Mama You Have a Guest and Other Poems’ is a commendable anthology. It covers a wide range of themes including love, politics and social life. The poems vary in length, form and stylistic choices, which makes the anthology interesting to read. The artistic value is notably high [ Dr. Atoh Fred, Linguistics & Languages Department,
The University of Nairobi, Kenya].

Wawira Alice is a teacher and counsellor by profession currently working at Braeburn Imani International School. She holds a B.Ed in Guidance and Counselling as well as a Postgraduate Certificate in Education International (PGCEi) from the University of Nottingham, UK. She believes in the power of words, both written and spoken and as such holds dear her role as an educator. Born in the rural village of Riga in Kirinyaga, Alice brings forth her experiences of growing up in the countryside as well as the life dynamics experienced by a girl who had an opportunity, through many strives, to experience the other side of life. She hopes that her work may inspire more people to go for their dreams despite their circumstances. Her motto is: Attitude is more important than facts.

2 reviews for Mama You Have a Guest & Other Poems

  1. Alice

    A great copy to have.

  2. Thomas

    Lover of poetry, power of the word, so inspiring work, ‘Mama You Have A Guest’ transforming our society so wow! My pride!

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