Proceedings of The 6th Annual International Conference – Engineering



  • UV-Visible SPectroscopic Investigations of Uranyl (VI)-Fulvate Complexation as a Function of pH at 25°C and 1 Bar (A. K. Kiprop, C. Nguyen-Trung, L. Richard, E. Pourtier & A.M. Muumbo)
  • Study of the Economic Potential of Wool in Arid Areas in Kenya (J. R. Ochola, J. I. Mwasiagi, E. N. Oyondi & D. R. Tuigong)
  • Composition, Manufacturing Processes and Use of Avocado Oil – A Review (A. Chirchir, Ndalut)
  • Kinetic Study of the Reaction between SO2 and CA(OH)2: Influence of Reaction Parameters (Z.O. Siagi, S. K. Kimutai, A. M. Muumbo & M. M. Mbarawa)
  • The Influence of Film Thickness on the Infra-Red Optical Properties of Vanadium Dioxide Films (Stella Kioko, N. Mlyuka, C. Odhiambo & M. Mwamburi)
  • Advances in Feedstock Processing for Biogas Production (Charles Nzila, Jo Dewulf, Henri Spanjers, Henry Kiriamiti & Herman van Langenhove)
  • Viability of Natural-Fibre-Reinforced Composites Industry in Kenya (Norbert Muya & Paul Wambua)
  • Effect of CO2 Laser on Microstructure of Underlyingmaterial in Paint Stripping (Wairimu, G., Ikua B.W. & Kioni P.N.)
  • Maximization of Ethanol from Pineapple Canning Waste (A. Kumar, Simon O. Osembo & H. K. Kiriamiti)
  • Design and Fabrication of an Electronic System for Temperature Measurement in Thin Film Deposition Systems (Tuwei A.K., Karimi P.M. & Wamwangi D.M.)
  • Deactivation of Microbes in Drinking Water using Silver Nanoparticle-Impregnated Media (Nomcebo Hadebe, Lizzy Monyatsi, Maggie Momba & Maurice S. Onyango)
  • Adsorption Study of pt Ions in a Batch Reactor and Packed-Bed Column (R. K. K. Mbaya & H. Kasaini)
  • The Use of Competitive and Alternative Technologies for Sustainable Development (Tanui, John Kipchumba)
  • Small Business Management Skills and their Role in Nursing the Youth for Sustainable Development (J. Manduku & P. Chebunet)
  • Position of Silk Fibre Production in Kenya (Mburu Ann Wairimu, Josphat I. Mwasiagi & Eric Oyondi)
  • Numerical Simulation of Homologation Procedures for Prestressed Concrete Sleepers (Benard Otieno Omondi & Stanley Shitote)
  • Knowledge Management and Innovation Based Software Technology Transfer Process (Wangai Njoroge Mambo)
  • Design of a Reeling Machine for Silk Processing (I. O. Polo, J. R. Ochola, E. N. Oyondi, J.I. Mwasiagi & D. R. Tuigong)
  • Webuye Falls’ Sustainable Distributed Power for Panpaper Mills, Webuye, Kenya (Christopher Wosyanju, Patrobers Simiyu & Hebert Dimo)
  • Investigation of Liquid and Gas Fuel Production from Plastic and Engine Oil Wastes (S.K. Kimutai, A.M. Muumbo, J. K. Korir & A. K. Kiprop)
  • One Dimensional Simulation of Dam Break Floods: A Case Study of Kesses Dam (C.W. Sitters & Dennis Kibet Ndiema)
  • Wastewater Characterization at Rupa Textile Mill (Diana S. Madara)
  • Investigation of Thermal Catalytic Cracking of Plastic and Petrol Engine Oil Wastes (S.K. Kimutai, A.M. Muumbo, J. K. Korir & A. K. Kiprop)
  • A Proto-Type Hybrid Solar-Wind Drier (Maritim Joseph Kiprotich, Philip K. Tanui, Daniel K. Biwott, J K Tonui & S. K. Rotich)
  • Wind Power Analysis and Site Matching of Small Wind Turbine Generators in Eldoret, Kenya (S. K. Rotich, D. K. Choge & J. K. Tonui)
  • Experimental Study of Thermal Stratification in an Improvised Water-Storage Tank of a Thermosiphon SWH System (J. K. Tonui, J. Rotich, M. K. Lagat, S. K. Rotich & P. K. Korir)


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