Proceedings of The 8th Annual International Conference – SIS



  • The Ethnolinguistic Factor and the Role of the Media in Fanning Post-Election Violence in Kenya in 2007/08 [Obwang’i B. C. K. and Mbori B.]
  • Impact of 2007/08 Political Violence on the Media Freedom in Kenya [Kurgat M. S. C.]
  • Swahili Speech Recognition Using Sphinx4 [Kimutai S. K., Gichoya D., Milgo E. and Chepkorir, E.]
  • Application of Fuzzy Logic in Measuring Students’ Performance [Serem W., Gichoya D. and Odini C.]
  • Benefits and Challenges of Integration of Information Communication Technology (ICT) in Kenyan Education System [Oseno, B. and Bosire E.]
  • Increasing Imperceptibility and the Hiding Capacity in the Least Significant Bit Steganograghic Method for Information Hiding [Kamau G., Kimani S. and Mwangi W.]
  • Library 2.0 and the Changing Landscape of Information Services in Academic Libraries [Musangi P. S.]
  • E-Book Reader: Transforming Libraries [Mukoma C. N. and Too S.]
  • Organizational Factors Influencing the Adoption of Electronic Publishing among Book and Journal Publishers in Kenya [Chacha S. M. and Okinda T. I.]
  • The Role of Digital Libraries in Bridging the Knowledge Gap in Africa [Juma I. W., Wamukoya J. and Wekullo C.]
  • Use of ICTS in Accessing Information by Researchers in Selected Public Research Institutions in Kenya [Owano A. H., Kiplanga’t, J. and Odini C.]
  • Principles of Library 3.0: Mainstreaming Librarians in the Information Value Chain [Kwanya T.]
  • Social Media and its Application in Library Services [Too S. and Mukoma C.N.]
  • Digital Institutional Repository: A Case of Moi University Library [Rop Z. and Bosire-Ogechi E. K.]
  • The Role of Digital Repositories in Information Management in Academic Institutions [Gichubi P. M. and Muumbo A. M.]
  • Implementation of the Constitution of Kenya: The Role of the National Library of Kenya in Content Management, Open Access and Institutional Repositories [Karilus N. O. and Keitany E. J.]
  • Issues and Challenges to the Development of Open Access Institutional Repository in Chepkoilel University Campus [Lelon L. and Bosire-Ogechi E.]
  • Access and Utilization of Housing Construction Information by Key Professionals in Selected Public Institutions in Nairobi, Kenya [Abonyo J. A., Odini C. and Kiplang’at J.]
  • Challenges and Prospects of Managing Public Sector Records in Web 2.0/Social Media Platforms [Githaka B. W. and Maseh E.]
  • Information for Poverty Alleviation among the Urban Poor: A Case Study of Rhonda Slums in Nakuru Municipality Kenya [Mugalavai, A. K.]
  • The District Information and Documentation Centres in Kenya: Challenges and Future Prospects of DIDCS in Kenya [Sumukwo K. and Jematia E.]


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