Roots Uprooted: A Road to Deliverance



Rape has become rampant in our contemporary society. The ambushers do it without knowing that they are sending the victims to a dark prison of fear, pain and hatred for the “innocent sin” committed against them. Only the hand of God can deliver such innocent souls from the tight grips of this dark dungeon. Roots Uprooted: A Road to Deliverance is a compelling story of Nerea, who is sexually abused at the age of nine by her own brother. This ordeal leaves a permanent scar such that her heart is hardened like a rock; the root of bitterness deeply implanted in her soul. Violated and traumatised, Nerea initially uses her body to avenge herself. But this only leads to more frustration. Who will deliver her from her inner turmoil? Nerea’s dream of becoming a writer is almost jeopardized when her manuscript is stolen while she is in high school. This is a captivating narrative of salvation and spiritual deliverance.

Iminza Omamu Phoebe is a servant of God in her church’s teaching ministry. She is currently working at the East Africa Bible College – Eldoret with the International Pentecostal Holiness Ministry in Eldoret. She holds a Diploma in Theology and Biblical studies. Currently, she is pursuing a degree in the same. She is a single mother.


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