Teaching Practice Made Simple: A Manual for Teachers in Kenya



This book examines teaching practicum (teaching practice), a major component in the preparation of teachers. The purpose is to promote understanding of teaching as a profession and, consequently, the need to acquire the necessary knowledge, skills, and attitudes. The authors discuss the concept of teaching as a profession. Other issues discussed include the objectives of teaching practice, institutional activities that precede teaching practice, actual teaching practice, preparation of teaching documents, assessment of student teachers, assessment of preschool teachers and management of teaching practice. Further, the authors explain how a student teacher should graduate from a teaching practice school, and take the reader through project work and project writing before venturing into a discussion on the concept of Competency Based Curriculum and pre-service teacher education.


Dr. Momanyi Okioma Lazarus holds PhD in Curriculum, Instruction and Educational Media (Science Education) from Moi University, Kenya. He teaches Science education and general education courses to undergraduate and postgraduate students. He has also held several academic and administrative positions at Moi University. He was the coordinator of the Teaching practice programme between 2007 and 2011, Head of the Centre for Teacher Education from 2012 to 2017, and the Associate Dean of the School of Education from 2017 to 2019. He has written books and published widely on matters of Teacher Education.

Dr. Mary Kerich holds a Doctor of Philosophy and a Master of Philosophy in Educational Communication and Technology from Moi University and a Bachelor of Education (Arts) from Kenyatta University. She has a vast experience in the field of Education. She has been a teacher in secondary schools, a trainer in the former District Centre for Early Childhood Education, and a tutor in a Teacher Training College. She is currently a Senior Lecturer at Moi University, School of Education, Department of Curriculum, Instruction and Educational Media. Her research interests are in Teacher education, Early Childhood Education, and Online Teaching and learning.

Dr. Rose Kemunto Momanyi holds PhD in Curriculum Instruction and Educational Media (Curriculum Studies) from Moi University, Kenya. She is a lecturer in the Department of Curriculum Instruction and Educational Media in the School of Education at Moi University. She lectures in Curriculum Development, Curriculum Design, and Implementation courses to undergraduate and postgraduate students. She also coordinates the teaching of Curriculum Development, a common course taught to education students. Her research interest is in Curriculum Development and Curriculum Implementation.


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