The Church and Students’ Moral Development in Kenya: Strategies Employed in Secondary Schools



This book documents churches’ active involvement in moral development of students in their sponsored schools. It answers the question on what strategies churches have put in place to ensure that students who go through their sponsored schools are impacted with sound teaching of good morals to become better citizens during and after their secondary schooling. Churches, being custodians of God’s Word and teachers of moral values, have touched people’s lives throughout their lives and from their involvement in education from the earliest of times, their impact to schools and educators in shaping the morals in younger generations should never be discounted nor overlooked. In spite of this, many challenges still abound in the society, with young people of high-school going age, and those who have just completed, getting involved in crime and unbecoming behaviour. Therefore, this book fills a gap in literature in the area of strategies employed by the church toward the moral development of students in church sponsored secondary schools, highlights the place of school administrators and government education offices in assisting the church in its mission in sponsored schools, and contributes knowledge for churches to learn from when setting up and running schools.


Simon Khaemba is currently a pastor with the Friends Church, where he has served for over 16 years. As a theologian, Pastor Khaemba has consistently delivered sermons and conducted church worship services. His pastoral ministry has seen him dedicate children before the Lord, nurture them in Sunday school, build them through life, and comfort those bereaved. As an educator, he has been a facilitator in various trainings, has taught, and coordinated church membership classes, and has been involved in educational matters within, and outside the Friends church. In 2013, he successfully completed a senior management training that saw him serve, in acting capacity, as senior pastor for two years. Over the last five years, Pastor Khaemba has served as administrator, Friends Theological College-Nairobi, overseeing the establishment of the College in Nairobi. He holds a BA in Theology from the Pan Africa Christian University, an MA from the Africa International University, and a PhD in Education from the Africa International University.


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