The Neo-Traditional Praise & Worship Music in Dho Luo [Vol. 1]



This book contains ten songs in dho Luo (Luo language). The term Neo-traditional music is used in the context of this book to refer to the kind of music compositions that tends to revive the traditional methods of performance while incorporating contemporary elements or influences. The neo-traditional praise and worship songs such as those contained in this book are composed to cater for the needs of Christian churches that are rapidly incorporating traditional African elements into their worship songs.

Despite the fact that the music is composed in dho Luo, the style of composition makes the songs in this volume to be globally appealing. The music has therefore been performed in a number of churches and cathedrals as well as during many public and social occasions. The album of songs contained in this book has been incorporated in the google knowledge panel as a notable and preferred entity internationally. This is therefore “a must have” music publication.

Dr Beatrice Digolo is currently a senior lecturer at Kenyatta University, Department of Music and Dance. Her experience in university teaching and research spans over a period of 26 years. Dr Digolo has made extensive contribution in research publication and student supervision at Masters and PhD level. Her areas of interest in research and publication include philosophy of music education, history of music education, ethnomusicology, and research methodology. Dr Digolo has served in various capacities in Kenyatta University including; Chairperson Department of Music and Dance and Dean School of School of Visual and Performing Arts. Her extensive Knowledge in ethnomusicology has contributed to the motivation that inspired the writing of the compositions contained in this book. For many years, she has developed great interest in the investigation of the cultural dynamics that have affected traditional music systems in Africa. In writing the compositions, her considerations were how traditional African elements could be incorporated into worship music to be used by conservative Christian churches in Kenya and other parts of Africa.


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