Tourist Expenditures and its Implication on Tourism Enterprises: A Focus on the Kenyan Coast



This book is informative especially in the field of tourism, particularly on the importance of levels of tourist expenditure within developing countries. It tries to establish levels of tourist expenditure among domestic and international tourists and relates it with levels of revenue for tourist enterprises. A comparative analysis is done to establish differences in expenditure between domestic and international tourists within the Kenyan Coast. The book also establishes factors that influence revenue levels of tourist enterprises within the Kenyan Coast. Lastly the book recommends ways in which expenditure levels of tourists can be increased to the benefit of members of the local community and tourist enterprises.

Dr. Isabella Cheloti-Mapelu went to Lugulu Girls’ Boarding Primary School and then Alliance Girls’ High School for her O Levels. She holds a PhD in Tourism Management (Tourism Expenditure and its Effect on the Economy) from Moi University and a Masters Degree in Home Economics Education from Kenyatta University. She also holds an undergraduate degree in Home science and Technology from Moi University. Currently she is a Lecturer in the department of Hotel and Hospitality Management where she continues to teach extensively in the area of Operations in Hotel Management. She is a seasoned researcher in the area of Hotel Operations and has published extensively in both local and international journals.


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