Women and Church Headship: A Focus on Selected Churches in Kakamega County, Kenya



This book provides an important study of a dimension that is often overlooked in the analysis of women’s participation and contribution in development and social welfare. Gender differences in various institutions have generated a seemingly unending debate all over the world. An inquiry of women’s participation in leadership demonstrates overwhelming male dominance. World-wide, the uneven distribution of leadership positions between men and women is a phenomenon that requires an inquiry into the factors influencing this circumstance. The authors give an analysis of how religious structures affect women performance in the top church leadership and also make an assessment of how custodians of church traditions have continued to contribute to the continued subordination position of women in the church. This book contributes towards the understanding of the factors contributing to gender proportions in religious movements and perceptions guiding the distribution of headship positions by gender in the church. The book will benefit scholars of religion, theologians, church ministers and women movements.

O. M. J. Nandi is an Associate Professor of Social Sciences. He has over twenty years of teaching and research at University. He has supervised graduate students at master and PhD levels. He is a registered member of several professional bodies. He has published many scholarly articles in international and regional journals. He served as the Chairman of the department of Religion and Philosophy at Maseno University and founding Chair of the department of Social Sciences Education Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology (MMUST). He also has Acted as the Dean of Students and also served as Director of Privately Sponsored Students Programme for six years at MMUST. Currently, he is in charge of Kaimosi Campus of MMUST.

Rev. Dr. Angeline M. Savala is currently a Lecturer at Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology, Adjunct Faculty at Pan Africa Christian University and Africa International University; a member of Board of Directors of Nyayo Tea Zones Development Corporation; Founder and Director of Press On Community Development Programme; Ordained Minister with Free Methodist Church, Kenya; and the proprietor of FM Life Academy. She holds a Doctor of Philosophy Degree in Religion from MMUST and a Masters degree in Divinity from Nairobi Evangelical Graduate School of Theology (Africa International University). She is a trained director in Work Ethics for both Government and Non-Governmental Institutions, a theologian, a pastor by high calling, a teacher and an administrator.


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