A Handbook for Establishing Computer Clubs in Kenyan High Schools



This book ‘A Handbook For Establishing Computer Clubs In Kenyan High Schools’ seeks to provide a comprehensive guide to schools and more specically teachers interested in establishing and sustaining successful computer clubs. It addresses a range of pertinent issues such as the reasons for establishing a computer club, the process, suggested focus areas for club activities, a template for computer club sessions, a program of activities and how to organize a symposium.


Dr Moses Mwangi Thiga is a Senior Lecturer in Information Technology, Department of Computer Science and Information Technology in the School of Science, Engineering and Technology, Kabarak University. He holds a PhD Degree in Information Systems from Kabarak University, a Master’s Degree in Information Systems Management from Liverpool University, a Master’s Degree in Statistics from Egerton University and a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science from Egerton University. He has served at Kabarak University for over 10 years in various capacities such as ICT Manager, Lecturer in Information Technology, Director of Research, Innovation and Outreach and also as the Director of Kabarak University Online. Prior to this he worked as a Systems Developer in Banking and Digital Marketing. Dr Thiga is passionate about promoting Computer Science among High School students. In this regards he has, since 2011, facilitated capacity building and awareness outreach activities for High School teachers and students in the area of Computer Science. It is during these engagements that he made an observation that the ideals of creating interest in Computer science were hampered by the lack of well organized computer clubs in high schools.


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