Core Principles in Curriculum




Core Principles in Curriculum is a rich textbook for curriculum scholars and practitioners. The authors adopt simple and clear language and the organization style is consistent and friendly to the reader. The authors have done a good job in reviewing pertinent literature both locally and internationally. The content covered is both broad and deep, resulting to a remarkable contribution among curriculum books. The text has some outstanding advantages. First, is its approach to define curriculum on a broad perspective as opposed to a restrictive definition of the term. Second, the authors view curriculum development as a process rather that an event that is informed by the prevailing context. In this text, a Twelve-Step model of curriculum development process is proposed. Third, the authors discuss the curriculum change process in an elaborate manner and consequently propose Twelve Effective actions for curriculum changes and innovations. Fourth, six co-attributes of effective instructional leadership and ten essential skills for effective curriculum leadership and supervision are provided in this book. Lastly, some criteria for successful curriculum evaluation process have been suggested.

Core Principles in Curriculum is timely and fills a much-felt gap in the literature of Curriculum Studies in Kenya and other parts of the world. The book is a contribution of various scholars, and the editors are experienced specialists in the field, making it both rich and unique. I therefore recommend this text as a MUST READ for curriculum scholars and practitioners [Prof. Jack Green Oketch, Professor of Education and Curriculum Specialist, Kenyatta University, Kenya].

Anne Syomwene Kisilu is an Associate Professor of Curriculum Studies in Moi University. She holds a PhD in Curriculum Studies; M.Ed in the same field and a B.Ed (Hons) from Moi University. She has supervised and examined many post graduate research works in education; published many papers in refereed journals, written several book chapters and authored several books.

Charles M. Nyandusi teaches Curriculum Studies in the School of Education, Moi University, Kenya. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in English (Cum Laude) of Andrews University, USA, a Certificate in Professional Education (Secondary Teaching) from Solusi University, Zimbabwe, and a Master of Philosophy (Curriculum Development) from Moi University, Kenya. He is a PhD Candidate (Curriculum Studies) in Moi University. He has authored articles and chapters in scholarly publications and presented papers in scholarly conferences worldwide.

Alice M. Yungungu is a Senior Lecturer in Curriculum Studies in Moi University. She holds a PhD in Curriculum Studies; M.Ed and a B.Ed (Hons)  from Moi University. She has authored and co-authored several books; and papers in referred journals. Alice is an intrinsically motivated challenged person who has championed for the rights of persons living with disabilities in Kenya and mentored persons living with disabilities.


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