Acceptability of Kenyan Food: Lessons from Central Rift Hotels



The growth of eating out, as a form of consumption, and the market forces of globalization have made food products and cuisines from all over the world more accessible. Such developments have spurred an interest in experiencing the unique and indigenous food products and cuisines of a destination, so much so that people are often travelling to a destination specifically to experience the local cuisines or to taste the dishes of its ‘celebrity chef’. This book discusses how countries exploit their Cuisine in a bid to make it attractive to visitors. The author discusses sensory factors of food like taste and aroma, satisfactory of the hospitality during cooking and service, feelings about local food, tourist participation in local food festivals or local markets as determinants of overall liking of local cuisine. Dr. Rotich avers that there is a need to profile local cuisine in the hotel menus, as this will assist the tourism industry in identifying the specific aspects to venture in its quest for tourism product diversification. This book is a pertinent resource for hospitality industry entrepreneurs, scholars and stakeholders.

Dr. Dorothy J. Rotich is a Senior Lecturer in Hospitality Management at Moi University and Ag. Director, Eldoret West Campus, Moi University. She holds PhD (Tourism Management) from Moi University, MSc (Food Science and Technology) from The University of Nairobi and BSc (Home Science and Technology) from Moi University. Before her current posting, Dr. Rotich served as the Ag. Director, Privately Sponsored Students Programme (PSSP) and Deputy Director, PSSP. Her research interests are in Food and Beverage Production, Food Safety and Hygiene, Nutrition and Accommodation in the hospitality industry. Dr. Rotich published widely in these areas. Her passion for the food and beverage sector has seen her become a leading educator of personnel in the field of food production and safety in the hospitality industry.


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