Banyore Folktales



Most societies in Kenya had fairy tales through which they relayed certain significant information. It is significant to preserve these stories so that the current and future generations can have access to them. The current demands of life that aligns a child to school work denies him or her the opportunity of spending time with his or her grandparents. Most of their parents who could have had the opportunity of being told were not told such stories. Therefore, it could not have been possible for them to tell their children and grandchildren. It is a few like the author who had such a privilege.

Banyore Folktales is a collection of original, wonderful and colorful, folktales as told by the author’s late grandfather, Omurembe, and her mother, Phanice. The stories are varied though they rotate around female beauty (Khalayi), ogres (Amanani) and hare (Nakhamuna). There are also stories dealing with theft, foolishness and laziness in general. Only a small selection of the stories have been presented in this book.

The stories will help conjure up the consequences of certain behaviors among children and adolescents, though these stories are majorly designed to pass on moral lessons to children adolescents and even adults. The stories will also help readers to know how to express themselves in their local environment, to understand their local environment and to eliminate envy, mischief and laziness. The stories may also be presented for Literature purposes both at university and high school level as they are original, rich and stimulating. They are also full of idioms and songs.

Dr. Atemi is a lecturer in Educational Psychology at Kisii University, Kenya, and a senior pastor in the Glorious Ministry of Repentance and Holiness. Currently, she is the coordinator of undergraduate studies at the Kericho Campus of Kisii University. She is a member of the International Society for the Study of Behavioural Development (ISSBD) and the Kenya Guidance Counselling and Psychological Association. She has authored and co-authored articles in international and local journals and attended and made presentations in conferences. Her research interest is drug abuse. The author of Effectiveness of Preventive Measures to Drug Abuse in Secondary Schools, Dr. Atemi holds a PhD in Educational Psychology from Moi University, MEd degree in Educational Psychology from Kenyatta University and a BEd degree from Moi University.


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