Beyond Humanistic Naturalism: A Conception of Religious Consciousness



This book is a contribution to scholarly comparison of African Independent Churches and Charismatic Evangelical Churches, with the focus being the differences in Christian practices between their members. The author goes yonder – exploring the conceptions of religious consciousness in African independent churches and charismatic evangelical churches and the effects of religious consciousness and social response in Christianity with emphasis on evangelism. This book is a must-read for biblical scholars, missionaries, seminary students and church ministers who want to understand religious practices in African independent churches and Charismatic Evangelical Churches spiritual dogmatism and the concept of Christology.

Dr. Obure is a Bible expositor, teacher and leadership trainer, mentor and the founder of Future Life Tabernacle. He has travelled extensively teaching, preaching the Word of God and planting churches across Africa. He earned his B.Th. from CLST (Christian Life School of Theology in Columbus, Georgia), MLitt. on Integration of Family Life and Organizational Leadership and PhD in Integration of Religion and Society from Oxford Graduate School in Dayton Tennessee in the U.S.A. Dr. Obure is married to Angeline Mulware, with whom they have six grown up boys and girls.


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