MMINO WA SETŠO: A Sehananwa Cultural Perspective



MMINO WA SETŠO: A Sehananwa Cultural Perspective sheds light on the vibrant confluence of music, dance, and theatre that constitutes mmino wa setšo—a captivating cultural expression. With profound depth and significance, this book explores how mmino wa setšo serves as a resonant voice for the Sehananwa people, addressing crucial societal issues encompassing politics and social dynamics. Through the power of song, mmino wa setšo intricately weaves together melodies and lyrics to vocalize the triumphs and challenges faced by the Sehananwa community. The dances associated with this cultural tradition celebrate their warrior heritage, guide the nurturing of children through diverse developmental stages, provide therapeutic interventions, and commemorate the fertility and strength of African women. In the realm of theatre, mmino wa setšo continuously reflects the ever-evolving state of the nation. As a comprehensive prism through which the Sehananwa culture can be observed, this book underscores the importance of African musicology in analysing and appreciating this rich performative genre. Historically, the culture of the Bahananwa (also known as Sehananwa) has remained obscure, but the publication of this enlightening work aims to propel the culture into the realm of scholarly attention it deserves. The recognition and study of Sehananwa culture contribute not only to the advancement of cultural and social studies but also to a broader understanding of humanity’s diverse tapestry.

Madimabe Mapaya holds a PhD in African Studies, specialising in the study of mmino wa setšo (Indigenous African music) and its implications on African musicology. He is a founding member of the Indigenous Music and Oral History Project at the University of Venda. Apart from his university duties, Mapaya, commercially known as Geoff Mapaya, is a performing musician with several albums to his name. He served as editor for the Cultures of Limpopo and African Epistemology in the 21st Century: The Human and Social Sciences Perspectives. He guest- edited several journals. He also played a prominent role in the writing of the South African Curriculum Assessment Policy Statement on music.


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