Naserian: The Deadly Lullaby Joke



Naserian: The Deadly Lullaby Joke is a timeless story that is both complex and simple. It first captures your imagination by narrating the intricacies of traditional Maasai life in the 1950s. Then it pulls you into the life of Naserian as she manoeuvres through her life as a Maasai girl who though brought up in tradition, craves the freedom that she believes modernity will bring. From the dreams of a young girl through the heartbreaks of a young adult, to the trials of a fully grown woman, the author takes the reader through the complexities of Naserian’s life as she tries to disentangle herself from the tentacles of cultural constraints she believes are preventing her from attaining her full potential. Naserian draws attention to the double standards that not only does the society in general subject to women but that women unconsciously subject themselves. In this intense and bitter story, Naserian takes us from her childhood to adulthood. While we share her pain, tribulation and triumphs, we cannot escape from reliving those moments of vulnerability. Her story is beautiful in its haunting familiarity and poignant freshness. It is a story of heartbreak and hope, pain, redemption and forgiveness. Naserian teaches us that for one to find happiness and contentment, one must first be at peace with themselves. Only then can you appreciate what you have been gifted.

An absorbing, captivating read. This is a book that you can’t put down once you begin turning the pages [David Kuntai Ole Kinayia; Lecturer, School of Business & Economics, Maasai Mara Univerity, Kenya]

Rachel Karei holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Home Economics Education and a Master of Education degree from South Carolina State College (USA). She is currenty pursuing her doctorate studies in Communication Technology at Moi University, Kenya. Rachel is very passionate about the education of the girl child and continues to work on her vision of an empowered girl child.


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