Teaching Practice Demystified: A Handbook for Student Teachers



This book is an excellent resource for university and college students preparing for or engaged in teaching practice in schools. It is well organized and comprehensive, covering a wide range of topics, such as planning for teaching practice, logistics, supervision, student teachers’ conduct and behavior and professional documents among others. The authors present practical strategies and techniques that can help in preparation of a holistic school teacher, making it a valuable tool for student-teachers on teaching practice [Dr. Suleiman Mwangi; Dean, School of Education and Social Sciences, St. Paul’s University, Kenya].

Nature or nurture? Are teachers born or made? This handbook demystifies the requirements and qualities expected of a teacher in the light of nature-nurture debate. A lot of emphasis is placed on teaching practice preparation, professionalism and mentorship. The question of ICT integration in pedagogy, a contemporary issue in regard to the Competency Based Curriculum (CBC), has been well addressed. The authors are well experienced in teaching practice involving both 8-4-4 system context and CBC. This text is an excellent reference point which all teachers and student teachers going for job shadowing and TP will find a useful guide [Dr. Caroline Mutwiri; Director, Center for Teacher Professional Development and Excellence, Kenyatta University, Kenya].

This book provides exposition on the fundamentals of teaching practice (TP) and best practices that serve as blueprints for pre-service teachers. It will serve as a guide towards effective TP that can both promote pre-service motivation and professional readiness to teach. It is a must-read for pre-service teachers and field practicum mentors on how to achieve effective and impactful supported teaching in school (STS) prior to actual professional practice. I strongly recommend this scholarly and practical handbook for all stakeholders in TP [Dr. Brandford Bervell; Deputy Director, Directorate of Research, Innovation and Consultancy (DRIC), University of Cape Coast, Ghana].

Dr. Rubai Mandela is a Senior Lecturer at the School of Education, Kenyatta University, Kenya; with 20 years’ experience in training teachers. She is a teaching practice coordinator and supervisor of many years. Dr. Mandela has also coordinated e-learning for the School of Education and researched widely in the education space. She has presented numerous conference and seminar papers both locally and internationally, and published in peer reviewed journals. Dr. Mandela is an established consultant and author of numerous university level books in relationships, research and gender in the context of education. She is the immediate former Co-Chairperson of Women Educational Researchers of Kenya (WERK).

Mr. Paul Musyoki Mwangi is a long serving high school teacher of English and Literature as well as a motivational speaker. He has mentored many student teachers on teaching practice over the years. Mr. Mwangi has penned high school level literature guide books to the Novel “Fathers of Nations” and “Parliament of Owls”; a play. He is an award winning Film maker at the Kenya National Drama and Film Festival (KNDFF).


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