Trends in KCSE Poetry�: A Comprehensive Course Book and Quick Revision Book for Secondary School Poetry�




Trends in KCSE Poetry offers an all-in-one book for teaching and learning poetry. It is to be used both as a course book for classroom teaching of poetry, and for quick revision by all learners in secondary school. It covers all the areas in the English syllabus; giving details on definition, analysis of meaning, mood, tone, attitude, sound patterns, performance and major styles used in poetry. The text discusses the relevant content in the context of exam situations. It gives insights and firsthand experience cues and guidelines on how to maximize the score in exams, pointing out exact areas where marks are gotten (or lost). It also comes complete with sample past papers and marking schemes clearly showing areas to focus on to earn total marks. Used well, this comprehensive guide will greatly improve performance in Poetry.

John Wangwe is a graduate of Moi University. He holds a Bachelor of Education (Arts) degree, and is currently pursuing a Masters of Education degree in Literature Education. He is a long serving teacher who has taught at secondary school and university levels. Currently teaching at Arnesen’s High School in Burnt Forest- Eldoret, Kenya. He is a senior examiner and setter of external exams at various levels. He has facilitated many teachers’ seminars and workshops across Kenya. As an educational mentor and inspirational speaker, he gives talks to students on various topics. He is also a student- teacher mentor for Kenyatta University.

Maina T. Sammy holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Language and Literary Studies and a Master of Arts degree in Literature from Moi University, Kenya, where he is pursuing his doctorate. Maina teaches Literature at Moi University’s Department of Literature, Linguistics, Foreign Languages and Film Studies. He is also a member of Kenya Oral Literature Association (KOLA). With over 10 years of experience, and several publications in peer-reviewed and refereed journals, Maina is a salted publisher, researcher and editorial consultant.



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