Achieving Sustainability of Women Development Projects in Kenya by Adopting Effective Resource Mobilization Strategies

Achieving Sustainability of Women Development Projects in Kenya



This book provides an extra edge towards achieving sustainability of women’s development projects in Kenya and beyond. Global trends and experiences inform the book of development organisations, including the UN, that emphasise adopting effective resource mobilisation strategies to secure adequate and flexible resources for executing development projects for sustainability. The book puts forward major actions, including organisation management, communication for development and visibility, diversifying donor base through new funding models, and mobilising strategic advocates to be utilised in securing adequate funding for women organisations, supporting delivery of Africa Agenda 2063 and SDG targets in a manner that is aligned to the UN Sustainable Development Frameworks for accountability, efficiency, and transparency for transformative results and impact. Finally, the book presents a resource mobilisation and engagement model for adoption and implementation. The model focuses on how recipient organisations can demonstrate value for money through efficient processes, greater accountability, and increased transparency by using mobilised resources for development. The authors believe that donor relationships will be nurtured, strengthened, and enhanced by enhancing stakeholder engagement.

Jonathan Bii Chelilim, PhD., commonly known as Koti Moja, is a Kenyan politician and scholar. He is currently the second governor of Uasin Gishu County, elected to office during the 2022 Kenyan general election. He holds an MA and PhD in Project Planning and Management from Kisii University. Before joining politics in 2007, Jonathan Bii had served in various capacities at Moi University for over ten years. Between 2018 and 2022, Governor Chelilim served as an advisor to the county governor of West Pokot, H.E.  Prof. Lonyangapuo, on education matters. He established a new program called RE-ROUTE. This program helps graduates and students to seek work and academic opportunities abroad. The program has succeeded as hundreds of Kenyan students and graduates have emigrated to Australia, Canada, Qatar, and Europe, while many more have initiated their emigration processes within the program. While applying his leadership, administrative skills and scholarly knowledge, he aims to implement a transformative agenda to create a productive, agro-industrialized, innovative, prosperous, and healthy community.

Peter Gutwa Oino, PhD., is a Senior lecturer and current Dean of the School of Arts and Social Sciences at Kisii University. He holds a Ph.D. in Anthropology (Moi University) and an MA in Sociology – Community Development and Project Management option (Egerton University); PGDS in Project Management (KIMS); and a BA from Moi University. He is a researcher, Programme Development Management specialist and lecturer with over ten years of experience at local and national development organisations and university levels. As a researcher, Peter has been awarded over ten research grants (individual and collaborative) in various thematic fields such as food security, culture, leadership and development, Climate change, mobility and livelihoods, morality and well-being and disability. He has extensive knowledge of mixed research methods and published widely. As a consultant, he has consulted for national and County governments, including International NGOs.


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