Daddy’s Daughter & Other Stories



Daddy’s Daughter and other Stories is a collection of extremely powerful stories dealing with pertinent thematic concerns such as love and mistrust, betrayal and gayism, blind loyalty, pride and naivety, the battle between good and evil, sacrifice and resilience, violence and domestic abuse, inter-cultural marriages, hope, recovery and good fortune, the quest for children and the sustenance of future generations. The authors deploy various types of irony, humour, suspense, twists and turns, well-developed characterizations, highly skilled argumentation and creatively woven plotting. It is nonstop, fast-paced breathtaking reading that every lover of stories will immensely enjoy.

Tobias Otieno Odongo obtained his BA and MA degrees in Literature from the University of Nairobi in the early 1990s and, for more than two decades, has been teaching Creative Writing in the Department of Literature, Theatre and Film at Moi University, Eldoret, Kenya. His poems have been anthologized in, among other texts, Echoes Across the Valley (EAEP) and Counterpoint and Other Poems (Oxford). His novel, The Missing Links (EAEP) received rave reviews on its first publication in 2001, and his The Doomed Conspiracy and Other Stories (EAEP) was published in 2011, and Journey Into Madness and Other Poems (Utafiti) in 2014.

Usha Jose Kandathil studied Media and Film at Moi University, Eldoret, and is a renowned media personality who enjoys telling stories, both audio-visual and print. Typical of her sentimental penchant, she hopes that the moments you spend devouring these pages will be moments you treasure and return to, time and again.

Ochieng’ Obunga grew up in Siaya County and studied Literature in English and Creative Writing at Moi University, Eldoret. Ochieng’ has extensive experience writing literary critiques, and has been a seasonal contributor at Daily Nation, where he has published many literary interviews. He is a widely published short story writer and an essayist, and his research interests include urban pop culture, gender issues, and discourses in post colonial studies.


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