Effective Leadership and Management in Schools



Effective leadership and management of educational institutions is becoming complex each day. Those charged with the responsibility of overseeing schools are facing dynamic challenges as they strive for success which is no mean task. This book provides authoritative suggestions with a focus on types of leadership in schools, qualities of effective leadership and efficient management, school organization, school management process, human factors that promote effective management of schools, change and management of change in schools, management of school finances/resources, ICT’s significance to effective school leadership and management, and the importance of strategic planning in management among other topics. Students in teacher training institutions as well as administrators will also find the book useful in providing them with some basic tools in the field of leadership and management.

Dr. Jane K. Nyabuti is a graduate of Moi University with a Bachelor of Education, Master of Education (M.Ed) and Doctor of Philosophy from the University of Eastern Africa Baraton specializing in Educational Administration and Management. Dr. Nyabuti has a long standing experience in teaching and management at secondary school as well as University teaching on part-time. She has a wealth of experience and zeal in her teaching work to ensure the students become successful citizens.


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