Proceedings of The 8th Annual International Conference – Law



  • The Legal and Practical Challenges in Employing Private Military Companies [Ojwang’ D. O.]
  • Constitutional Revolution on the Executive Arm of Government: A Comparative Study of Selected East African States [Odero E. M.]
  • Death Sentence is Unconstitutional in Kenya [Mulupi M. L.]
  • Ethnicity and Democracy in Kenya: Ethnic Politics, their Impact on Free and Fair Elections and Potential Constitutional Solutions [Asaala E. and Njoroge M.]
  • An Adaptive Framework for Personal Information Protection in Kenya [Ayamunda J. and Gitau R.]
  • TRIPS Article 27.3b and its Impact on Agriculture in Kenya [Constance Gikonyo]
  • Informed Consent in Medical Procedures in Post-Constitution of Kenya 2010; How Much Information is Necessary? [Kirima J. M.]
  • The Kenyan Judiciary at Crossroads: An Assessment of the Law on Enforcement of Choice of Law/Choice of Forum Clauses [Odongo C.]
  • Prosecution of Grave Violations of Human Rights in Radiance of Challenges of Regional, National Courts and the International Criminal Court:  The Kenya Quandary [Muhavi M. P.]
  • Intellectual Property Laws and Regional Integration: A Case for Harmonisation in the East African Community States [Ayamunda J. and Wabwire J.]
  • Urbanization and Urban Environmental Development Control Policies and Practices in Kenya [Opata G. P., Mulongo L. and Ngetich J. K.]
  • Privilege against Self-Incrimination and the Fight against Corruption in Kenya [Nyakundi T. O. and AfwayiKhamasi J.]
  • Complementarity under the Rome Statute: Is There a Place for Alternative Justice? The Case of Kenya [Orina I. M.]
  • An Appraisal of the Witness Protection Regime in Kenya [Munyao S.]
  • The Concept of Shared Governance and its Institutional Framework under the Kenyan Constitution [Kangu J. M.]


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