Techknowledge – How Do They Do It?



In this book, John presents, from his long experience, ground-breaking information about crop harvesting technology. Despite the horde of information regarding crop harvesting technology, much of it is assumed knowledge scattered in several technical handbooks. This book breaks this yoke and packages vital information on specific subjects or cultural practices into a single package under one cover. In this book, which is part of a series of books, the author addresses issues of ease of reference, timelines in terms of crop calendar and season, and answers the questions of when and how which activity is done, quality of output and the shelf life. This book is a must-read for students, scholars, practitioners and policy makers in the field of agriculture.


John Shauri Sigoria is a professional agronomist with relevant training in the following areas: Agricultural Technology Packaging; Communication Technology, Extension Technology and Farming Systems Development. He also has a wide experience in the field of Agriculture.


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