Male Involvement in Gendered Construction of Family Planning Practises




This book shows the gendered construction of family planning practices in Kakamega County, Kenya. It seeks to determine the level of men’s involvement and participation in family planning practices as a development aspect, examine factors that influence men’s participation in family planning practices and explore how family planning practice is socially constructed. The author calls for the need for healthcare providers to involve men in planning, communication and utilization of various family planning methods. The book aids in understanding the socio-economic determinants that hinder men in participating in family planning. As such, the government and other healthcare partners in Kenya may use it in providing health education on family planning. It is also of benefit to stakeholders in planning for the provision of quality healthcare. In this case, the government will understand the uptake of family planning methods among men and therefore put in practice strategies that enhance men’s participation thus reducing on population growth.

Lumayo Mildred Fedha holds B.A (Hons) degree from Makerere University (Uganda), Master of Human Resource from Kisii University (Kenya), Master of Philosophy in Gender and Development Studies from Moi University (Kenya) and Doctor of Philosophy in Gender and Development Studies from Kisii University (Kenya). She is currently a lecturer in the Department of Sociology, Gender and Development Studies at Kisii University. She has taught in the Department from 2014-2018 as an Assistant Lecturer. She has also served as a Post Graduate Faculty Administrator 2015-2018 at Kisii University – Eldoret Campus. Lumayo has authored and co-authored many journal articles and papers on gender. Her research interests are gender and development issues, reproductive health, sexuality and community development, youths and adolescent development.


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